It was the end of second semester, I entered the metro car on my way to school and there were peanuts all over the floor. You were there, all alone, an old homeless lady with her mouth full of peanuts. 
I sat in front of you, even if all the other seats were empty. You looked at me, smiled and offered me some of what you were eating but, I politely declined the offer. Then as people were coming in, you told the girl next to you how handsome I was. How awkwardly nice of you… 
You gave me your hand, I still don’t know why but I took it, and asked me if I love you. "Yes... I love you". How happy you were. You arrived at your station, winked at me on your way out and, abruptly threw your bag of peanuts at a passenger. 
Thank you old lady, for reminding me that life is unpredictable.
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